If you use a script-driven application on your website and all of the content that you generate is stored in a database, your hosting plan needs to feature an adequate amount of database storage space, to ensure that even if your site grows, you will not experience any kind of troubles as a result of the lack of space. PostgreSQL is a good example of a well-known database management system that is used with lots of scalable web apps and if you'd like to have top-notch performance and reliability for your website, it is likely that you will take advantage of this system. Considering this, you'll need a website hosting plan that will not limit your world wide web presence, particularly if you want to operate various sites and each of them functions with PostgreSQL databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Shared Hosting

We supply a variety of Linux shared service in order to give you an option to get the characteristics that you really need and never pay extra for functions that you'll never use. For that reason, the PostgreSQL storage is an additional improvement that you will be able to add from your Hepsia Control Panel for some of the plans; with others you will receive a pre-defined allowance, while with the top packages you receive unrestricted database space. Because you can easily switch among the plans or upgrade particular characteristics, you can start with a lower-end one and then upgrade when you need to host PostgreSQL-driven websites. Needless to say, in case you wish to launch this type of a website from the very beginning, you can pick the most appropriate package which includes PostgreSQL support as standard.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you choose one of our semi-dedicated hosting service, you can manage PostgreSQL sites without worrying that you'll get to any kind of restriction for the size of your databases, since there isn't such a restriction. With our cloud hosting platform, a dedicated group of servers manages your databases, so in case additional computing power or database storage is required at any moment, we just install extra servers or HDDs. In contrast to various other suppliers, we don't run everything on the same server. All our plans are quite powerful and make it possible for you to run heavy, resource-demanding sites, so we have made sure that the PostgreSQL database storage space attribute matches the rest of the capabilities. The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel that is provided with the semi-dedicated accounts will allow you to check out the size of each PostgreSQL database that you have and even the full size of all databases, but these numbers will be accessible solely for your own information.