All arithmetical and logical operations in a computer/server configuration are tackled by its Central Processing Unit, or CPU. This hardware part is sometimes called the "brains" of the computer system as well. The rate at which the CPU runs system instructions is typically referred to as its speed which is measured in Hertz. The faster the processing unit is, the speedier scripts and web apps will be executed, even though the efficiency of the latter is dependent upon other things also - the read/write speed of the hard drive, the amount of physical memory, the network connection, etc. All modern CPUs have numerous cores, which work together. Subsequently, the functionality and the workload a CPU can manage increase, due to the fact that each and every core can process a number of tasks separately and several cores can handle 1 task that cannot be processed by 1 core.

CPU Share in VPS Servers

The CPU speeds provided by our Linux VPS service differ dramatically and you can choose the VPS with the most appropriate system resources for your Internet sites. In case you need a VPS for one website that does not have lots of visitors, for instance, you can acquire a low-end plan, that will also be less costly in comparison to the high-end solutions offering big CPU quotas and which may easily match a dedicated server. We set up only a few VPS accounts on powerful hosting servers with 16-core processors, so the CPU share you will get with your new package deal shall be guaranteed at all times and the performance of your machine will not be affected by other virtual accounts on the same exact physical server. Upgrading from one plan to another requires a few clicks via the billing Control Panel and the added CPU share will be allotted to your account immediately.

CPU Share in Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server plans that we offer feature different hardware configurations, so you can choose the suitable one for your sites or apps. The processor for every package is different as well - the most powerful package includes a 12-core processor that will provide superb script execution speeds, even if your scripts are heavy and many people access and use them concurrently. The CPU is extensively tested as well as all the other components which we use to assemble every new dedicated server, so as to make certain that the hosting server will work perfectly at all times. We shall do this before we give you access to it, because we shall never make a compromise with the quality of any of the hardware components which we use. The speeds which you see on our website are guaranteed for each of the packages.