From the Elite Design Hosting Control Panel, you will get realtime access to the hosting resources used by your web sites as well as the site traffic that is generated by your visitors. The details are displayed in a straightforward graphical user interface, on a daily, weekly and per–month base. Furthermore, there’s more information in relation to our servers including the actual IP address of the hosting server, the Operating System, the now used editions of PHP and MySQL and others.

Server Specifics

Check the hosting server’s OS, IP address, and so on.

In the Web Statistics Manager area of the Hosting Control Panel, you will get realtime info about the hosting server such as the Operating System that’s utilized as well as the actual IP address of your hosting account. At the same time, you will discover valuable info for your web development plans including the latest variations of PHP, MySQL and Perl, as well as the installed Perl modules. Mailing server details such as sendmail path as well as the inbound and outgoing emaill servers is also provided.

The whole set of hosting server details are provided in an easy–to–read fashion for you to easily locate the details that you need.

Hepsia File Manager

Access & Error Stats

Get hold of details about your websites’ overall performance

Using the info generated in the Access & Error Stats section of your Hosting Control Panel, you can easily track down virtually any eventual troubles with the operation of your sites. The access records will show you all kinds of files like texts, images and videos that were examined from your website visitors while the error records will capture any kind of alerts and glitches that have taken place throughout their stay on your web site.

You can download the access and error listing data files for each of your operational web sites from the Web Statistics Manager area of your Hosting Control Panel.

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Website Stats

Track your site visitors in real time

Following the website data of your web site is the ideal way to discover how your Internet marketing strategy is working. Through the Hosting Control Panel enclosed online reports applications – Webalizer and Awstats, you can monitor the volumes of visitors that come to your website, as well as the quantity of views they create and webpages they open on a daily, weekly and monthly base.

To review the stats details, just go to the Web Stats part of the Hosting Control Panel and then open up the stats file for a specific site. There is no need to setup anything on your end. We start the statistics after your website goes on the Internet and starts getting visits.

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CPU Statistics

Keep track of your sites’ operational load

The web server’s CPU is critical for the communication between your site and its site visitors. The more advanced and resource–demanding your web sites are, the more hosting server resources and server operation time will be required for them to operate.

Within the CPU statistics part of the Hosting Control Panel, it’s possible to watch the usage of CPU power generated by each of your sites. This will let you consider prompt procedures and enhance your sites if the CPU usage limit has been exceeded. You can see comprehensive CPU reports for every single day and month or even for a full year.

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